Technical Excellence

The Technical Excellence category seeks to celebrate women who are simply great in their specialist field, whether that’s engineering, digital design, carbon reduction or construction on site. These nominees deliver excellence combined with innovation and collaboration to make a significant impact in the planning or delivery of a project making them a critical role model for the industry.

Aneeka Barmi

With a track record of achievements, including a Master's degree from the University of Bristol and chartered status with ICE, I embarked on a project that faced unique challenges. Constructing a two-storey basement foundation with columns founded in an operational rail platform demanded innovative solutions to minimise disruption. Leveraging my expertise, I enhanced the team's understanding of rail standards and coordinated training while meticulously managing risks. Innovations like bespoke crash decks and combined hoist systems optimised efficiency and safety. My leadership ensured the project's objectives were met. Network Rail's permission to mine near live railways, unprecedented due to our consistent delivery and prioritisation of safety, underscored our success. Beyond technical prowess, I champion diversity and mentor disadvantaged youth, fostering inclusivity. My journey reflects resilience and a commitment to shaping a more inclusive and impactful future for construction. Winning this award would validate my dedication and inspire others to excel.

Miriam Dall'Igna
Eckersley O'Callaghan

I have spent my career at the forefront of architectural innovation, seamlessly blending my passion for architecture, computing, and engineering. Joining Foster+Partners in 2008, I spearheaded the computational design of the UAE pavilion at the 2010 EXPO in Shanghai, earning accolades for our groundbreaking demountable structure. Over the years, I've overseen landmark projects like the JP Morgan Chase headquarters and Kuwait International Airport, leveraging my expertise in complex geometry and computational design. My journey culminated in the development of a pioneering Kinect shading system for Apple Dubai Mall, showcasing my ability to bridge hardware and software in challenging environments. Embracing my role at Eckersley O’Callaghan in 2022, I've championed digital integration and mentored engineers in computational methods, fostering a culture of innovation. My commitment to advancing digital design has positioned EOC as a leader in research, driving initiatives in sustainability and artificial intelligence.

Nikki Desborough
Willmott Dixon

Nikki successfully managed a technically challenging re-design to three blocks at Gascoigne Phase 2, which consisted of 382 homes worth £135m. She brought her extensive knowledge and experience of residential projects as well as her thorough management skills to ensure the project was delivered to budget and to the timescales set out at the commencement of RIBA 1, starting on site 8 months after the re-design started. Nikki captured all the learning and created a residential training video, that is available on our Willmott Dixon University as a module, covering what needs to be considered for an efficient and thorough residential design. Further significant learning was added to our design guide “the yellow book”, available for everyone at Willmott Dixon as a best practice guide. She is now the design lead for the “Residential Excellence Team” which provides audits on all other residential projects that come through the business.

Karen Greenshields
Gap Group

Karen Greenshields, Managing Director for Technical and Environmental Services at GAP Hire Solutions, has been a visionary force in establishing and leading specialist technical divisions such as Trenching & Shoring, Survey & Safety, Tanker Services, and Pump Services. Her strategic direction has positioned GAP as an industry leader, driving innovation and sustainable growth within these critical areas. Karen's leadership has been pivotal in expanding and honing the technical skills of her team, ensuring they excel as specialists in their respective fields. Under her guidance, GAP's Technical Services Divisions have made significant strides, showcasing a commitment to excellence and vision that is unmatched. Karen Greenshields' unwavering dedication has been instrumental in the success and advancement of GAP Hire Solutions' technical expertise, making her an exceptional candidate for the Technical Excellence Award.

Rachelle Mcdade
Currie & Brown

Rachelle’s exceptional contributions to the healthcare sector include Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Cancer Centre and the West Hertfordshire Hospitals redevelopment, both integral parts of the NHS New Hospitals Programme. Her impact reaches beyond the healthcare sector, where she actively champions women’s inclusion in our industry. She recently led a compelling workshop/ webinar for our International Women’s Day celebrations, empowering women in the industry and fostering meaningful connections across the business. Rachelle’s professionalism, commitment to her clients, supportive approach to team members and contribution to the wider sector have been particularly evident in her time at Currie & Brown and she has a well-established reputation within the healthcare planning community in the UK. I wholeheartedly nominate Rachelle for the Best Woman Consultant category Alan Manual CEO Global Currie & Brown - Improving Gender Balance Forum – Sidara April 2024 “In addition to her unwavering commitment to the pursuit of

Clotilde Robin
Useful Simple Trust

Clotilde, a dynamic Director at Expedition Engineering, thrives on leading teams through challenging projects with technical prowess and infectious enthusiasm. Her forte lies in fostering strong collaborations with Clients, Architects, and Contractors, garnering admiration for her rigor, insight, and boundless imagination. As the driving force behind the Bridges team and a pivotal figure in the Infrastructure Consultancy Group, Clotilde boasts a rich tapestry of experience, from grand projects like the Third Bosphorus Bridge to innovative footbridges such as the AVA Footbridge. Her passion extends to bridge inspections, assessments, and sustainable solutions aimed at reducing carbon footprints. Notably, as the Technical Lead for the groundbreaking AVA Footbridge project, Clotilde spearheaded ingenious design strategies, utilizing thin stainless-steel sheets and pioneering connection systems to optimize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Her meticulous approach, from structural analysis to design documentation, ensures both excellence and replicability, setting new standards in bridge engineering..

Fatema Salat
Ashghal Public Work Authority

As a civil engineer graduate working in a government entity, I manage infrastructure and temporary projects. I earned a Master's in Engineering Management and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. One of my proudest achievements was contributing to the successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Being the first woman in my department, I faced skepticism from colleagues questioning my leadership abilities. I viewed this as an opportunity to shatter gender barriers and prove that skill and dedication are the true determinants of success in civil engineering. I received a certificate of appreciation from H.H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, which further motivated me to inspire future generations of women in the field. I am dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in my work.

Afroditi Spanou
Mott Macdonald

MacDonald as the Geotechnical Earthworks Design Lead for the HS2 project – where she coordinates designs' development and manages the delivery of geotechnical designs, reports, and construction drawings for her team. She has also mentored over 30 younger members and currently acts as an ICE Delegate Engineer. Recognized for her high motivation, hard work, commitment, and accountability, she has made significant contributions to key infrastructure projects and aims to have a positive impact on her profession and colleagues. She is one of the few women in their teams who has been distinguished for her professionalism and quality results. Her main motivation is to support communities, through her work, for better quality of life.

Sarah Stone

A committed and highly innovative Chartered Engineer, Sarah Stone has made a huge impact on the Steel Construction industry. Her work, developing a revolutionary new floor deck product for leading LGSF experts, Sigmat/Remagin, has transformed the company’s product offering and created a new, patented, highly flexible and cost-effective component that has helped keep the company at the forefront of industry excellence. Five years of in-depth research, robust testing, and industry leading design input, has positioned Sarah as one of the most advanced Chartered Engineers in her field. All this, alongside running a busy design department, leading a team of over 30 experienced engineers and detailers at one of the UK’s most progressive and respected LGSF specialists.

Becky Wood
Write My Manual

My career showcases a commitment to precision and clarity, ensuring accurate and comprehensive project handover documentation. I excel at simplifying complex technical information for all stakeholders, making it accessible and understandable. My dedication to continuous improvement and innovation drives me to refine my practices, incorporating feedback and the latest industry trends.