Rising Star - Contribution to a Project

This category seeks to recognise early career women who work on projects, but not in a direct engineering or construction capacity, who still play a crucial part in project delivery. These might be project managers or those from other disciplines such as marketing, quantity surveying, cost management, supply chain management or data management.

Bethan Andrew
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Bethan Andrew is a rising star in the Major Capital Projects team at RCHT. Since joining in January 2022, with no previous knowledge of the construction industry, her can-do approach, ability to bring colleagues and partners on board, and willingness to listen and learn, has seen her rapidly and positively step up to the challenge of being an Assistant Project Manager. Bethan worked diligently and resourcefully on our largest and highest-profile project of 2022/2023, the new MRI and Oncology Unit. She is now involved in a complex Cardiac Catheter Laboratory upgrade project and is working hard to ensure the programme and budget remains on track. She has proven her new-found skills to the point where she has been trusted to lead several refurbishment and equipment replacement projects, totalling c£4.8m. Bethan is thoroughly enjoying the opportunities on offer, whilst being very aware that the “buck now stops with her”.

Claudia Barr
Wilten Construction

In her role as a QS, Claudia has proved her commitment to the industry and developing her career, whilst forming relationships for the benefit of other employees, clients, and supply chain partners. Excellence has been displayed in all aspects of her role, from accurate estimating of costs, materials quantities, and project timelines, to adopting a leading role to make a significant impact on Wilten’s projects. This is evident through how she has mitigated risks, been open and transparent, and resolved challenges in areas typically outside of her day to day role in collaboration with others. Claudia has excellent teamwork and communication skills and regularly shares her experiences and insights with her team for future learning. She has a collaborative approach which has set a positive method for resolving any project issues that arise, via on site meetings, walk-arounds, and weekly catch-ups to achieve a successful project outcome.

Monica Calinescu
Heidelberg Materials

Monica, has been nomintated for the rising start contribution to a project award, for her exceptional work on the national implementation of Workday. Employed as a Change Enabler, her efforts over the last 18 months have ensured that Workday software is now a core component of our people processes. Viewing change management through a behavioural lens and adapting strategies to meet the needs of a diverse 2000+ workforce, Monica, used an inform-and-inspire communication approach to maximise engagement. The introduction of “The Hub” enabled a self-service training area. Her work inspired others and created a blueprint for future organisational changes.

Mia Chutti

Over the last year that I have worked closely with mia, I have found her to be a true team player who always goes above and beyond to support and encourage those around her. She is always proactive and is often one step ahead of anybody else as well as being eternally patient and tolerant in the face of challenges. She is articulate and her diplomacy has ensured smooth running of complex transitions within our team. I am constantly impressed by her work ethic and the quality of her work always reflects that as she is a hardworking and detail-orientated individual who provides an excellent example for her peers. I completely support this nomination because I think Mia is a remarkable young woman who embodies the epitome of someone who stands to go far and make a huge difference to this industry over the course of her career.

Rebecca Daykin
Jackson Civil Engineering

I joined JCE in 2021 and have achieved more than I had previously thought capable in that time. It can be a daunting experience changing employment and becoming a part of a new team. However, I’m delighted to say that I found the experience an enjoyable one given that all understand the importance of team nurturing and collaboration. It was also a significant challenge to become the commercial lead for one of the business’s flagship projects. Pleased to learn that the trust placed within me was not misplaced despite occasionally working outside of my comfort zone when dealing with matters not necessarily commercially orientated. In addition to the day-to-day work pressures, proud also to have attained RICS chartership. Delighted to have joined a supportive business that has offered personal development as well as encouraging a healthy work life balance which has allowed me to pursue my passion for travel.

Nilema Rahman
Laing O'Rourke & Bylor

Nilema, a graduate chemist turned business analyst at BYLOR, has spearheaded the digitisation of critical operational processes and tools on the £2.8bn Main Civil Works contract at Hinkley Point C, and is leading a cultural shift towards an industry driven by modern technology. Her drive to implement new ways of working has been pivotal in transforming BYLOR into a digital first organisation, with industry leading approaches to automation and data engineering. The project has many challenges arising from the quality requirements, scale, and complexity of a first-in-a-generation Nuclear Power Plant, and Nilema has implemented modern tools for productivity tracking and validation, such as for workforce management, quantity surveying and program analysis. These initiatives have created an agile organisation which is able to make data driven decisions based on real time data, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and commercial performance.

Steffani Roberts
Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

Steffani has consistently shown an exemplary commitment to accuracy, coordination and improving efficiency which marks her out as an ideal candidate for this award. Not content to work simply within existing systems and within the strict confines of her brief, she develops innovative solutions which bring greater collaboration, improved productivity and enhanced integration. Steff's process development and technical excellence led to quikc promotions during her time on HS2, due largely to her invaluable work in managing the data concerning the voluminous consents relating to the 2,200 land parcels along the 107km route. She harmonised the representation, understanding and programme sequencing, ensuring timely handover the main contractors for Phase 2 of the works.In her behaviours, knowledge, skill set and willingness to learn and teach, Steffani has made a remarkable contribution to both the high-value, complex projects on which she has worked. She has a bright future ahead.

Emma Searle
Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

Emma came into the industry just over 2 years ago and has shown drive to bring social and economic benefits to every project.On our £70m A11 concrete road reconstruction project for National Highways, she developed a comprehensive social value plan based on thorough analysis of local needs. She engaged early with our client and local stakeholders to jointly develop the project social value charter, which comprised the outcomes against which we measured success.Emma provided apprenticeships which exceeded the National Skills Academy benchmark, delivered substantial school engagements and developed a targeted recruitment programme which led to the employment of women and people from hard to reach groups.She went above and beyond in her engagement with the Hub charity, as well as in her support to Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing. Emma's passion, commitment and tenacity brought huge positive impacts and a lasting legacy to the community around this project.

Ellie Shackleton
Barratt Developments

Ellie took the lead in successfully delivering a high profile, unique initiative for Barratt Developments. She had a clear, innovative vision for this project and was driven, adaptable, resilient and organised. This project supported her knowledge and development, pushed her outside of her comfort zone, educated her beyond her role as Marketing Manager and resulted in the delivery of a legacy project. The exposure with industry experts and local and national media is extraordinary for both Ellie and the company

Rebecca Tancock
Fulkers Bailey Russell

Rebecca is an experienced Senior Quantity Surveyor who repeatedly delivers an excellent service to her clients, she brings extensive knowledge combined with innovation and collaboration to all the projects she is assigned. Rebecca can always be relied upon to find the best suppliers and contractors for the projects she works on based on her client’s budgets and building requirements. Rebecca is also a natural when it comes to building trusted relationships with architects to identify resources and materials necessary for her projects. Rebecca is an expert at controlling project budgets, and meticulous at accounting for all related expenses. She is also experienced in monitoring projects from the start to the end, always ensuring the wider team sticks to the client’s original budget. Rebecca shows real initiative when tackling issues and challenges on projects and doesn’t shy away from being the problem solver and providing solutions for the client.

Laura Waite
Wilten Construction

Laura is a rising star academically, within her role, and within the industry. She deserves recognition for her accuracy, efficiency, ability to solve problems and develop innovative solutions for projects, commercial knowledge, business acumen, and collaborative approach with colleagues, supply chain partners, and clients.Laura has made a significant difference to Wilten Construction, growing turnover through successful tendering/cost plans, and developing and enhancing relationships with clients and subcontractors. She accurately estimates project costs, undertakes financial analysis, and proactively assesses risks and overcomes challenges to protect clients, supply chains, and Wilten during all tenders and project negotiations. Laura’s successful tendering has contributed to Wilten’s circa 350% growth and growth target for the 2024/2025 financial year, and Wilten achieving net profit above industry standards.