Inspirational Leader – Supplier

This is a category aimed at women in leadership positions from all types of specialist suppliers who have used their positions to inspire and engage the workforce and improve outcomes for customers and their business.

4PS Construction Solutions
Val Clarke

Val Clarke, Operations Director at 4PS, stands out as a committed leader driving diversity and inclusion in our workplace. Her initiatives have transformed our company into a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds, benefiting both our staff and the wider community. Val's flexible work policies, particularly supportive for women, single parents, and those with health issues, have attracted and retained diverse talent. She prioritises mental health, introducing programs like 'Mental Health First Aiders,' fostering a judgment-free space for employees. Positive feedback from our team underscores the success of Val's strategies, with high ratings for diversity, inclusion, and career growth opportunities. Val's innovative contributions extend to addressing overlooked issues like menopause support. Moreover, her involvement in industry forums and speaking engagements showcases her leadership in advocating diversity and inclusion beyond 4PS. Val's nomination reflects her impactful leadership and dedication to inclusivity, setting a high standard in the construction industry.

Gap Group
Karen Greenshields

GAP Hire Solutions proudly nominates Karen Greenshields as an Inspirational Leader for the Inspiring Women in Construction and Engineering Awards. As the Managing Director for Technical and Environmental Services, Karen is leading GAP's transformative journey in the UK's equipment hire industry. Her strategic vision has driven the establishment of new specialist divisions, enhancing operational efficiency and cementing an outstanding reputation for GAP in the industry. As the sole female member on the GAP Board, Karen brings diversity and a unique perspective to the company’s direction. Her entrepreneurship, inspirational leadership and advocacy for family businesses led her to be recognised in the ‘Women in Family Business’ Report by Family Business United. Karen Greenshields is highly deserving of this award due to her role in introducing technical advancements and breaking barriers within the hire industry.

Mandy Messenger

An ambassador for sustainability and innovation, Mandy is an inspiration to those she works with and for. With a complete career in construction, she has been one of the drivers of change in the welfare market, bringing solutions for the constant changes in onsite requirements and industry environmental awareness. Mandy has delivered tangible results from an SME business to some of the UK’s largest contractors, proof that smaller businesses can make a big difference to the market. Passion and dedication have consolidated Mandy’s valued position in the industry where her continued input across a range of activities will keep environmental and social issues at the top of the agenda.

Irena Stec

Irena's nomination for the Inspiring Women in Construction & Engineering Award is a testament to her dedication and leadership. Over the past decade, she has excelled as a Tower Crane Operator, Crane Coordinator, and Appointed Person, navigating challenges with a focus on health, safety, and teamwork. Her achievements and numerous safety awards have earned recognition from WOLFFKRAN and colleagues. Irena's attention to detail and proactive approach to safety sets her apart, ensuring a great working environment for all. Her journey from humble beginnings to managing lifting operations at major construction sites is inspiring, reflecting the resilience and determination needed to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Beyond her professional achievements, Irena's impact extends to inspiring young minds and advocating for diversity. As a colleague and supporter, I am proud to endorse her nomination, believing she embodies the qualities of an Inspirational Leader.

Karoliina Torttila

Karoliina Torttila leads Trimble AI’s research and development, weaving Deep Learning into a vast technology portfolio spanning from design to reality capture. Her work is dedicated to merging the digital and physical worlds, to reimagine how we design, build and sustain our built environment. Karoliina’s pioneering efforts have directly addressed the complexities of interpreting vast amounts of data in the built environment and the potential of AI in design, sustainability, geospatial, and mapping, among other applications. This not only showcases her leadership role in advancing our technological capabilities but also her commitment to improving outcomes for our customers and the industry at large.

Go Hire Group
Sally Wray

Sally has been providing a tool and equipment hire services for the past 9 years. Has rapidly grown the company and is disrupting the local hire market with her innovative approach.