Excellence in Recruitment and Retention

This category looks to recognise teams, divisions, companies or organisations that go above and beyond in both recruitment and retention. From adopting innovative recruitment practices to eliminating gender bias in application processes and implementing retention schemes that actively promote women into senior leadership roles, this award celebrates employers who go the extra mile. It recognises those who not only champion diversity in their talent acquisition but also invest in initiatives fostering an inclusive environment.

Consulting people team

Amey’s inclusive recruitment policy uses online platforms and bespoke partnerships to attract diverse candidates, breaking down barriers to entry and securing a diverse set of skills and expertise to solve client problems. Our ReStart programme provides structured 12-week, paid placements in engineering, environmental, or digital roles for candidates looking to restart their career or transfer their existing skills into the infrastructure sector.Providing a modern and flexible workplace where all employees can thrive, we observed a marked improvement in retention in 2023, with attrition, down nearly 4%. We safeguard employee retention and support career development through Continuous Performance Management (informal, frequent conversations, ensuring prompt feedback and support) and our Progression Framework, removing bias, facilitating timely career advancement and individual ownership of progression. Our people manager and women’s leadership training programmes enhance employability and ensure cohesive well-run teams. Embedding consistent leadership behaviours, inclusion and empathy.

Fulkers Bailey Russell

April 2023 saw Fulkers invest in an in-house Talent Acquisition Team, which is now 75% women, and a team that have since increased our direct hire rate by over 40% and saved us over £350,000 in agency costs! The Talent Acquisition Team have implemented an innovative Applicant Tracking System which resulted in 19,000 job advert views with a 24% apply rate, they have also standardised our interview practices to eliminate gender bias. Fulkers boasts a huge 40% of women in our workforce and have recently promoted an employee in our finance team just before she went on maternity leave. We invest in fostering an inclusive environment by applying a democratic approach to decision making, hosting focus groups to gain insight into what employees want. According to a recent EVP survey that Fulkers carried out amongst employees 97% of Fulkers employee’s would recommend Fulkers to a friend seeking employment.


MiCiM prioritises excellence in recruitment and retention through a culture of inclusion, continuous learning, and employee engagement. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in our strategic recruitment practices and retention initiatives, aimed at building a diverse and thriving workforce. We address the lack of representation of minority groups in the industry through our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and FIR Ambassadors, ensuring fair and equal opportunities for all. Our gender-neutral job adverts and competency-based assessments focus solely on skills and experiences. We provide enhanced maternity and paternity pay, childcare support, and flexible working arrangements to support working parents. Additionally, our mentorship scheme fosters skill-sharing and career development, empowering employees to excel in the construction industry. At MiCiM, we offer rewarding careers, training, and progression opportunities for all.