Contribution to Gender Diversity

This category is open to any inspirational person, inclusive of all genders, who has gone above and beyond to promote gender diversity through their own work within the construction or engineering sector.

Lucy DaviesTilbury Douglas

Inclusive workplace: supporting our staff and business commitments to gender diversity and inclusion. “Embracing diversity fuels our strength, and our commitment extends beyond mere inclusion. We aim to cultivate a workforce where every individual feels valued, where gender diversity is celebrated, and where our collective pride in our workplace inspires others to join us on our journey towards inclusivity and excellence.

Duko FrankhuizenBerkeley Group

So, in summary, Duko is a great nominee for this category because of how he has steadily influenced not only our division but the wider Berkeley Group business. Two years ago, we weren’t having the conversations we're having now, and we would not have been able to achieve the level of openness and active involvement in discussions around gender that we're having today. Duko's influence and courage to step up has been a catalyst for others to do the same. It's not necessarily the more extrovert personalities that enable this sort of change and Duko has demonstrated this beautifully. Thanks to him we now walk in the Pride in London Parade, have a business wide LGBTQ+ network and actively engage in conversations that will enable us to shift how we recruit, onboard, and integrate people who until recently may not have seen our business as a welcoming place for everyone.

Jayne LittleSkills 4

Recent winner of the Agent of Change award at the Northern Power Women Awards, Jayne Little is a champion for gender diversity in construction and engineering. Jayne established in 2006 to improve gender balance in the male-dominated STEM sectors. Jayne and her passionate team deliver award-winning diversity and inclusion training programmes, giving thousands of women the confidence and skills they need to advance their careers and become role models for others. Jayne’s passion for inclusion and fairness is what prompted her to start Skills 4 and the company vision is the same now as it was then: to live in a world where everyone brings their true self to work. Jayne’s programmes improve proactive ownership, authenticity and confidence, enabling women to seek and achieve progression opportunities. Her EMPOWER programme has been successfully delivered to over 10,000 women with over 66% being promoted within a year of completing the training.

Natasha PinderMott MacDonald

I defied stereotypes by pursuing an engineering degree. Joining BAPE, I organized events to promote the profession, emphasizing gender diversity. As Chairperson of the Barbados Engineers’ Registration Board, I accredited engineers and supported initiatives for professional enhancement. In 2021, I joined the EDI team, advocating for inclusivity. At a panel discussion for INWED2023, I shared experiences and promoted safety for female engineers. Leading a utilities team, I ensured accuracy and safety on projects, setting a benchmark for improvement. My journey reflects advocacy for diversity, leadership, and a commitment to safety in engineering.

Rebecca SchwarzWinvic Construction

As Head of HR and Training, Rebecca manages a team of 13 and 570 Winvic employees. Throughout her career she’s promoted equality and diversity; giving everybody an equal opportunity to learn means everybody has an equal opportunity to thrive. While Rebecca focuses on attracting and retaining the best and brightest, no matter their gender, it’s critical to strategically break down barriers women might face to ensure female representation. Female role models play an important part in addressing incorrect perceptions about working on-site and showcasing the breadth of construction roles that are available to all; primary, secondary, A-level and construction qualification students are prime for engagement. Rebecca wanted Winvic to be a leading light in looking after women and launched a new maternity policy with staggered full to half pay periods, more helpful to mothers. The policy outshines many other contractors’ policies; all women since its implementation have returned to work.

Christine ScottMadison Berkeley

Christine works hard with her clients and candidates to achieve gender parity and inclusion. Her clients are some of the UK’s largest construction companies and through her hard work, determination and ability to educate and inform some of the industry's key decision-makers, she is changing the face of real estate and ensuring it is an industry where women are seen and can succeed to the highest levels. Through her unique communication style and over 20 years of industry experience, she works with women to ensure they go into the boardroom with confidence in their abilities. Through Christine, client conversations regarding candidate lists and diversity have now changed for the better. The gender pay gap within the development and construction arm of the industry is closing and issues such as female retention are being addressed and acted upon at the most senior levels.

Dawn WilliamsEos Surveyors

Dawn, founder of Eos Surveyors, has impacted the surveying industry by fostering opportunities for women through mentorship and work experience. Encouraging diversity in the field comes from her journey to becoming a chartered surveyor in the Building Surveying sector where only 8% are women. She’s guided career-changers, such as a schoolteacher interested in surveying, through mentorship and industry connections, resulting in her becoming a Graduate Quantity Surveyor and encouraged a female surveyor back to the profession following a career break to raise a family. Dawn's impact extends beyond her business. She's active in the Women in Surveying initiative and the MEMF programme and is an RICS ambassador, doing careers talks in schools and encouraging schools to include surveying-related courses in their curriculum. As a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Dawn supports other women in achieving fellowship, aiming to create a more diverse and supportive profession.