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Inspiring Women in Construction Pledge

The Inspiring Women in Construction Pledge is a Construction News initiative to encourage companies to prioritise equality, diversity and inclusion and is part of this year’s campaign. The Pledge is a commitment from your organisation to strive for a more inclusive industry, improve business environments for women and champion equal representation on boards.  

In signing the Pledge, your organisation agrees to support the initiatives and aspires to change in areas such as:

  • Attract, develop, and promote more women in our company and industry, and do this in a fair way;  
  • Close our Gender Pay Gap;
  • Champion and recognise the achievements of women;
  • Work collaboratively to create an environment that welcomes and helps retain women.

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If you would like to sign the Pledge and be part of the positive change, please contact


CN editor Lem Bingley said: “We’ve launched the Inspiring Women in Construction Pledge to offer a clear focus for the many companies in our sector that want to become more welcoming to women employees, but don’t always know where to start. The Pledge offers a simple formula for making progress towards greater gender equality, as well as a visible way to tell the world you aim to be part of the solution, not the problem.” 

Bingley added: “It is now well established that more diverse companies outperform less diverse competitors. The reason is obvious: different perspectives lead to fresh ideas, whereas a bunch of like-minded individuals nodding at each other will always get stuck in a rut.

“We would like to thank all our founding partners for supporting this initiative. To everyone else in the industry, please take a look at the Pledge and consider signing up. The more firms we can get on board, the more quickly we can make the industry better for everyone in it.” 


Founding signatories committed to the Pledge:




Supporters of the pledge:


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